We have seen how cats are fascinating and special beings. This is what harms us and disturbs us at the same time because often we can not decipher their intentions.
Cats are unpredictable and may exhibit an individualistic or social attitude towards other people or cats, and their behavior may change from one moment to the next. It is certainly for this reason that we like to observe them so much.

For example, we all know that cats like to hide. We have already surprised them hidden in cases, on mezzanines and even in bags … Hard to find more creative than a cat in search of a refuge!
This behavior is due to the fact that they like to hide in places where they can control and monitor the surroundings, or that allow them to escape from potential or real dangers.
If the cat is hiding in short time, there is nothing to worry about. However, if they are hiding for long periods and especially in high places, this could be a sign that they are disturbed by an environmental factor.



  • He needs tranquility: like everyone else, your cat may need to find himself alone, in a comfortable place where he knows he will not be disturbed.
  • He needs security: in the strictest sense of the word “refuge”, the cat will look for a place where he can feel safe from a real or perceived threat (for example, a person visiting you). is not a real danger but your cat might perceive it as such). In addition, he will make sure he can control everything from this place so he can come out once he regains his confidence.

Cats love soft, comfortable and warm places. As well as heights. That’s why they are often found between the sheets of the bed or perched at the top of a piece of furniture, which serves as a watchtower.

But be aware that any place that your cat deems worthy of refuge is not safe. For this reason, it’s important that you create spaces for him to hide and make sure he’s not hiding in specific places.

Some of the places that might be dangerous for the pet are appliances such as the dishwasher or washing machine, the garage or some cabinets and drawers. Keep the doors closed and if, for example, when you are about to start your car, you think your cat might be around, make some noise. You will see that he will leave his hiding place immediately.

The best is, therefore, to let our cat hide when he wants, without ignoring his movements to prevent this hiding place to put him in danger.