The Sacred Burma

The Sacred Burma also has another name: Burmese. Its origin remains mysterious and borrows legends. Some consider it to be from Southeast Asia. Others are convinced that it comes from a cross between Persian and Siamese.

Origin more certain and serious, the Sacred Burma was born in France in the 1920s. There too, it would come from the cross between a Persian and a Siamese. The breed is recognized in France in 1925 but officially takes the name of Sacred Burma after 1950. It is today one of the favorite cats of the French.

Physical characteristics

His body: Sacred Burma is of medium size. His body is muscular, with a rather heavy skeleton.
His hair: His coat is mid-long. The length of the hair is not identical throughout his body. Thus, he has short hairs on his face, while they lie more on his side and his collar.
It’s color: All the colors are recognized for the Sacred of Burma. The patterns are more restricted: solid and white, tabby and white, silver/smoke and white.
His head: His head is rather wide and triangular, although it is also rounded. It displays as such full cheeks and round and a rather short nose.
His eyes: They are often blue, intense, round and well spaced.
His ears: They are fairly standard, medium and well placed on the skull of the Burmese.
It’s tail: It does not display any notable feature and is of average size.

Behavior and character

Sacred Burma is gentle, caring to those around it. Thus, he will not only have affection for his owner, but for all of his family. He is also not afraid of strangers, against whom he likes to go rubbing. As a maverick at heart, he enjoys exploring places unknown to his environment. He is discreet, docile and meows very little, unlike the Siamese. He likes to be cuddled and hugged, whether by adults or younger. An ideal cat but sometimes glue-pot.

Living conditions

It is an ideal cat for living in an apartment. It only needs a harmonious and calm environment, with some moments of tranquility. He can also adapt to a house with a garden, where he will take pleasure in exploring any piece of land.