Just like the man, the cat needs an environment in which to flourish and find its marks. This is even more true in cats living in apartments. They will tend to mark their territory by making their claws and by appropriating spaces that are also yours. The cat tree is a must to offer its own territory.

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The cat tree, a new haunt for your cat ;
These little hunters that are our felines need to spend. That’s why playing, jumping and climbing are their hobbies.
If he does not have outside access to satisfy his instincts, the cat tree remains the most effective way for your animal to have the feeling of controlling its territory. He can satisfy his need for height to observe his environment by perching on the platforms of his tree. In addition to a tree, a cat, nothing prevents you from creating an environment conducive to the game by leaving at his disposal interactive toys that will channel his anxiety and awaken his senses.

A good cat tree is only useful if you find it in the right place. The cat likes to watch and watch everything that happens around him but also outside. Make sure your pet has an unobstructed view of the room in which you spend most of your time. Do not hesitate to place it near a window so that it can also look outside.

Karlie outdoor cat tree a pole for his claws
The cat has a natural need to make his claws. Indeed, they allow him to hunt, to mark his territory, to defend himself, to climb, etc. As much capacity as our little feline tends to apply to our furniture and sofas.

If you often feel helpless about his scribbling behaviors, the cat tree will allow you to distract him from your furniture with sisal-covered poles.

There are also solutions to steer it more easily to its new scratching post. Use synthetic pheromones such as Feliscratch or an equivalent like Play Spray to stimulate it and get it interested in its pole.

How to choose your cat tree?
Choose a large enough cat tree, with hiding places and places to rest. Because yes, even if they know how to be very active, our feline friends are also great sleepers. For your cat to be interested in his tree, you can encourage him to jump and climb on the platforms. Take time to play with him and give him treats to encourage him.

You can also place a bowl of kibble on one of the trays of the cat tree if it is big enough.
Place cat treats in the hiding places of the tree to attract it. Do not forget to congratulate him every time he plays on his tree. There is a wide selection of cat trees, both in size and design. They help to enrich your pet’s environment and sometimes they are able to beautify your home. A little more for the master!