the 10 most famous cat breeds

We know the top 10 most famous cat breeds, but what about their character? Each cat breed has a different character. Here are some valuable information before making your choice.

1-Maine Coon

Maine Coon is very popular for its beauty and size. It is the largest cat in the world, and also one of the sweetest in terms of character. He gets along very well with the children, he shows with them an angel’s patience. It adapts to every environment, whether there are other animals, young children, disabled, different or elderly.

He can very well live in an apartment without being bored or running in the fields and hunting.

2-Sacred Burma

The Burmese are a beautiful cat, certainly from the cross of a Siamese and a Persian. He has a mixture of these two characters precisely. At the same time independent and whimsical, unpredictable, he is cuddly at his hours. He is very attached to his masters.

He is very player if he feels good in his environment.


The Ragdoll cat breed is strangely similar to the Burmese sacred, but it has a very different morphology. A true contortionist, the perfect model for budding photographers. He is of a sweet, kind, calm character.

It is an excellent cat indoor or outdoor. It adapts to the children and animals of the house.


This beautiful long-haired cat always seems tired, we find him lying at every corner of the room. He loves soft cushions especially if they carry the smell of his masters.

He easily accepts caresses and games when he is awake but can not stand to be disturbed while sleeping, and that’s really often.


It’s the fashionable cat with Maine Coon. Her wild, ocellated dress contrasts with her soft, playful character. It’s a cat lover. He plays willingly with children whether inside or outside the house. He gets on well with the other animals in the house after some time of adaptation.

By cons, he can not stand animals he does not know.


Its characteristic spots are at the origin of many new breeds of cats, like the Burmese. The Siamese has the unfortunate tendency to get out claws all the time. It is difficult to define, we can not know how it will behave with newcomers.

His behavior will depend on his mood of the moment. No way to wake him when he sleeps or caress him when he eats.

7-The European

It is the best-known cat in France. Often treated as a gutter cat, the European is a real breed of a cat if it is not crossed with another, of course. It is difficult to give a common character to cats of this breed.

They have different reactions depending on how they were raised and weaned by their mothers and educated by humans. They are true sponges with feelings, they restore in general, what they knew. When we take baby, we have every chance to have the cat that we dream, because it is really the human who forges his character.

Confidence, games, hug, respect.

8-British Shorthair

It looks like a plush, all silky, this little ball of hair has cracked more than one. This little boiled angel completely reflects his character. He is gentle, adores caresses and cuddles, but on the contrary, he has a rather independent character and can stay outside hours to walk or hunt.

He is happy to find his masters, but if they are not there all day, it does not matter.

9- Norwegian

One of the biggest cats, just behind the Maine Coon. He is elegant, slender with a tail in the plume and an imposing plastron, especially in winter. Despite its imposing size, it is very soft and delicate.

He gets along very well with children and animals, he loves the company. He does not like to be alone.


The naked cat. It’s the super sticky cat. It is impossible to sit without his knees on his knees, barely lying in the bed for a nap or for the night, he reapplies and sticks along the body.