How does the cat perceive the man?

The perception of the human being by the cat has not yet been clearly demonstrated, we can only imagine that he represents the world around him thanks to these sensory sensors. We will try to understand them together one by one.

Vision :

The cat is short-sighted and sees blur beyond 75cm, so he certainly recognizes us more in our behavior than in our facial features. However, we have often found that our cat looks in our eyes so we can communicate with us. Our face contains elements of recognition … Nevertheless, when he catches your toes out of bed, he does not seem to imagine that this part of your anatomy is yours … Maybe he sees, therefore, the human not as a whole but as an aggregate of several parts.

The audition:

The cat perceives all our vocalizations, it also emits most of its sounds in our range of auditory frequency. Although we do not have the same language, communication is possible. I also tell you that your cat has the ability to hear ultrasounds but we humans do not play in this category ….

The olfaction:

This relationship remains a mystery whether you are scented or you really need to take a shower it affects cats differently. Each cat therefore seems to have olfactory preferences of its own. As for the pheromones we produce, they do not seem to affect our cat.

Taste :

Who has not already told his cat to stop licking it because his rough tongue is not very pleasant in the long run on our baby skin? The cat seems to like the “taste” of our skin …

In conclusion, the cat’s vision of humans is highly dependent on their character. We still have many mysteries to clarify!